Healthy Conversations and Healthy Lifestyles


Healthy Conversations and Healthy Lifestyles

Kristen Wright, FNP recently gave a presentation at Mountain View Hospital last week as part of their Healthy Conversations program to provide information free to the public. The presentation was entitled Pelvic Floor Solutions:  bulging, leaks and pain. The discussion touched on the symptoms and causes of pelvic floor dysfunction and focused on treatment options, both conservative therapies and surgical options available. This is a common problem among women, affecting one in every four women over 40 years of age. The symptoms and exact dysfunction may be different from woman to woman but often includes varying degrees of urinary or fecal incontinence or weakening of the muscle and connective tissue that causes some of the organs to prolapse or bulge into the vagina. This may cause pain or discomfort with normal day to day functioning or with intimate relations.  The point is, there are things you can do to help lessen symptoms and surgical options can fix many of these issues. Talk to your provider about your concerns so you can better enjoy life!

She was also asked to give a presentation at Legacy High School in Springville about ways students can focus on living a healthy lifestyle. Taking into consideration some of the most common questions asked by patients in the office, she came up with a presentation that focused on nutrition and weight issues, the power of habits (both good and bad), discussed the importance of preventative health examinations, talked about methods to improve sleep and empowered the students with hope to make their life better and this world a happier place to raise their children. 

Kristen Wright, FNP

Canyon View Women’s Care

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